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Gene Fritsvold(non-registered)
Hi Ken,
It's been a long time! You have a beautiful family! Still taking great pictures! I hope things are going well for you and your family!
Steve Greiner(non-registered)
I was looking for Ken Gill Construction at Port Clinton Ohio and came across your web site . Very nice and beautifull .
Larissa Lusk(non-registered)
Hi Ken......This is Jill's cousin Larissa. I was telling Jill that I "Love" all your picture's. You do awesome work! We get alot of ice fog up here in Alaska too, and it looks cool. Just woundering how much you were selling the one's with the cranberry's for? I also agree with the comment below about your tiny details, keep up the great work.
Robert's Casual Photography
Beautiful galleries. I just love your Alaska ones. I lived up there for 4 years in the 1980's. Your photos are the closest I seen that comes close to Alaska's beauty. Well done!
Great Photo's, you've really got talent to notice nature from the tiniest details to the greatest mountains. Beautiful. Thanks for sharing. It makes me want to go take a walk with a camera in hand, even in my back yard.

It's about time. I'm saving my pennies.....
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